Thursday, June 26, 2008

Destin, Florida!!!!

We are off to Destin today for 7 whole days!! Yahoooooo!! We are so excited. Will return next Wednesday very tanned and either relaxed or NOT. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I don't know how that happened, and I tried to fix it, but it is too late and it was taking way too long. So, sorry, you will have to muddle through the best you can. I may fix it later!!

I Am Here, I Promise

Camp was last week. IT was wonderful. We made really fun things, learned in some amazing classes, ate really great food, and best of all, got along extra good with everyone. President Newton challenged us to have no pranks and we didn’t really know how it would work. How do you convince 75 young ladies that it is more fun to do nice things for each other than to spray shaving cream and squirt toothpaste or water onto someone. It is a daunting task. And although I am not sure that we did a whole lot to prevent it, somehow the message got across and they spent the week “pranking” each other with treats, decorating each other’s areas, and helping each other, etc. It was amazing. Without having to be reminded that it was working, they bore their testimonies at the end about what a different spirit they felt during the week. They realized how much fun it was to do nice things for others. Maybe the most amazing thing is that the leaders even got along. Now THAT was a miracle. I have been to camps where the young women were pretty tame, but the leaders had a really bad experience. So, it was great, and Youth Conference, here we come. YIKES……….

While we were at camp Emma and Lily went to my mom’s with their cousins, BethAnne and Kate. While they were there they went to the zoo, Wal-Mart, the Caboose, and to visit Mrs. Nan---the hairdresser. They all four go haircuts, but Lily really cut hers. Nan cut off at least 12 inches for Lily to donate to Locks of Love. It is adorable. She stacked it a little in the back and angled it toward the front. Very drastic change. It feels so good to her and she is constantly swinging it around and receiving tons of compliments on it. She is very proud.

Taylor went to scout camp during the same week. He wan not thrilled to go at first, but when we reminded him that he needed to have ALL his merit badges completed by his birthday, July 14, well he quickly realized how helpful it would be to attend camp. He decided to do the COPE course which is kind of an obstacle course. It was pretty difficult, but he loved it. He had pictures of himself perched on top of a really tall post and about to jump off to ring a bell. He was attached to a cord of some kind. Anyway, he decided it was worth it and had a great time.

Zack and Alex were the only boys home during the week. Alex had to work the whole week, and Zack had pneumonia. He had planned to work on our camp the whole week, but ended up not even being able to go out there once. Big bummer. He had been telling everyone how I abandoned him on his death bed. Pitiful, Pitiful. He really was sick, and even a week and a half and another round of antibiotics later is still struggling. Luckily, he had Mamaw Clara and his mother here to hover over him and give him sympathy. They are masters at this anyway.

It was wonderful to have both my daughters , Mary Catherine and Sarah Beth, with me at camp. My cousin, Alison, was also able to go with us. Mary Catherine wasn’t feeling too well in the beginning, but I know she enjoyed a lot of the time there anyway. She was really impacted by the classes. Sarah Beth met many new friends and was thrilled at most things…………..except going to bed at night. She ended up sleeping in my bunk every night except the last when she slept in her new friends, Amy’s, bunk!! Some things don’t change…..even at camp.

We spent the whole next week swimming, sleeping in, going to the library, cleaning, and shopping for our sewing projects. Taylor was gone to EFY in Mississippi and returned on Saturday. He had been very busy. He is on cloud nine and showed us a cool scripture in the D&C tonight. EFY is such a great experience for our kids. As soon as he got in the car to come home Saturday morning, he called to see if I would sign him up for EFY in San Antonio.

I feel incredibly grateful tonight, for the gospel, for prophets, for the Holy Ghost and promptings I receive, and for Christ and His atonement. I am very humbled by all of my ineptness and am grateful to Heavenly Father for making some of my weak things become strong as I humble myself. I am grateful to have a husband who loves me and our children and has a deep desire to teach them they way that they should go. I would never want to do this parenting this alone. I think often at how I will love to be a grandparent with him one day, too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



Sunday, June 1, 2008



78 words

Speed test

Ok, I never intended to post this, because I have been working on getting my words per minute up for about a month. I have never gotten past 50. I know that is not respectable, so I was keeping it private. But, just now I tried it again and while not even trying all that hard.........this is my new score. What?!?!? How did that happen? Oh, well, now is when I choose to post. It makes me feel better, even though I am sure it will drop right back to 50 on my next try!