Friday, April 24, 2009

Taking the Praxis test tomorrow to get certified to teach!!! Yikes!! Wish me luck....I may be taking it again in June and July. I am getting nervous.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We have had a great few days. With all the excitement of opening Alex's mission call on Thursday, we still had an action packed week. We had my niece, BethAnne with us from Wednesday to Sunday while her parents were at a dental conference in New Orleans. We had fun with her, including ME playing hide and seek with her on Thursday while the ladies were at school. That is so totally not like me that it made me feel more like her grandparent than her aunt. But she was happy! We also made play-do that I used to make with my kids all the time. She loved it and sat up on the counter playing for a long time. Then, Friday night after the Fire and Ice activity at church we went out to our camp on the river to spend the weekend and watch conference. Yes! Zack hooked up the satellite so we could watch conference AND play in the beautiful weather. That night Zack was surrounded by 8 ladies--me, our four ladies,our niece, and two friends!! Saturday morning we had to come back into town for Katie's baptism where Emma and Lily sang with Katie. It was interesting that we came from the river, because the ladies kind of looked like river rats. Emma chose her outfit and it was interesting to say the least (Lynetta if you will email the picture, I will add it to my blog!!)

The picture doesn't quite do it justice......Cute, and a wonderful spirit at the baptism.

Taylor took the ACT that morning and then he and Mary Catherine participated in the high school softball tournament all day. They had a great time.

Back at the river we enjoyed the sunshine, fishing, eating, conference, and a bonfire. Emma, Paige and Lily enjoyed fishing. They were constantly casting and casting and casting. Zack, of course, was on worm duty. Baiting and baiting and baiting.

I just love General Conference. Instead of coming away from it depressed at how much I have to do...I come away feeling like I can do anything. I hate for that feeling to fade. I feel so inspired to act and make changes in our family and my life. I love the boost it gives to my spirit. You can check out what the message was by going here.

Last night we went to Prien Lake Park for Family Home Evening. We brought our supper to eat out there and did, but the wind was so crazy that even the top of our sandwiches were being blown away. We finally sought refuge behind a brick wall. We could finally eat our food only having to be mildly careful. Taylor and Zack tried dutifully to get our kite to fly. Last time we went there to fly a kite there was no wind and this time there was WAY too much. It would just take our kite and spin it like a top. It was so funny to watch them struggle with it.

So, I didn't go to Rome, even though I had a wonderfully generous offer from Gwen and Brad, but I did have a great weekend with my family. I am very thankful for them and their love and patience with me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Elder Zachary you are hearby called to serve......

So, yes, Alex is going to MADAGASCAR!!! It is too unbelievable for words. I am thrilled for him, but not nearly as thrilled as HE is. I hope has come back down to earth this morning. I think he wanted something unique so much that the Lord gave it to him. He will be speaking French and entering the Missionary Training Center on June 24. There is so much to do between now and then. We have many things to buy and my mind wrapped around the whole thing in just 2 1/2 months.

We are so proud of Alex. He has done alot to get to this point and has done some maturing this semester. I know that his life and ours will be blessed from his service. I also know that he will be a blessing to the people of Madagascar, too. He will be very far from home, but will be doing the Lord's work. I will not worry about him because I know he is in the Lord's hands. I have faith that He will teach him all he needs to know.

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