Saturday, October 3, 2009


The ladies and I went to Lafayette today for a volleyball tournament for Sulphur High and Mary Catherine. It was a long time in the gym, sitting. My tailbone has seen happier days.

After the tournament we went shopping a little. We had a great time at the mall. One of our first stops was at Abercrombie for little kids. We had a great time finding outfits for the little girls to try on. They are so fun to dress. Emma and Lily felt so special and loved by their big sisters who paid such wonderful attention to them. Of course, there was much begging for the things they tried on. We did find some $50 jeans for $10. We got Emma and Lily a pair. What a deal. They fit so great and look amazing on them. I don't even have to cinch the waist on the them for Emma. 10 Slims at Abercrombie (were everything is made so tiny) and they fit perfectly.

After we left there Mary Catherine was excited to get to Abercrombie & Fitch---for big people (well, not really big people! but older people!) She and Emma walked on ahead to shop. I was bringing up the rear. I walked in and was looking at a couple of things when Mary Catherine and Emma came toward me and said they were leaving. MC said the pictures on the walls were so awful and she just didn't want to be in there anymore. Sarah Beth and Lily soon followed with the same problem. At first I was like............"wait, don't we want to look?" Not at the picture, but the clothes. They didn't even wait to discuss it with me. They just left. So, I looked around, then......and, yes, they were awful. So, I followed them. At that moment I realized I had just been taught a wonderful lesson by excellent young ladies. They didn't feel the Spirit in there and didn't want to be there anymore. I am so grateful for that lesson and for their sensitivity to the Spirit. I know that the Spirit can guide them to make more wonderful choices. I hope that they will continue to listen and respond to the promptings they receive with such conviction. There was no question in their minds about what they should do.