Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I have the cutest sweetest kids in the world

Driving home from a meeting tonight I called home and Mary Catherine told me that Emma came up to her tonight with a Santa Clause that she started at school and finished at home and said that Mary Catherine's Secret Santa told her(emma) to give this to her. Wonder who that is? Then Lily gave Zack a stick on earring sticker and told him that his Secret Santa told her to give it to him. ???!!! They are so sweet and excited about being Secret Santa's. I hope they are learning great lessons of service and the excitement of giving. I think they really are. I love that Mary Catherine thought it was so cute that she wanted to tell me about it. She loves those s so much.

I have gotten from my SS a note on the mirror in my bathroom. I just love it. Also, when I got home from the meeting, Sarah Beth had cleaned the kitchen thoroughly. I appreciate her so much. She has been trying so hard. She had a rough start in middle school, but she has really buckled down and is doing so much better. She wants to be successful and is really proud of herself.

Alex has been working on his essay for his application to BYU. He is finding it difficult to "toot his own horn." He is doing a good job, though. I'm so proud of him.

Taylor is already in bed tonight. I only saw him for about 20 minutes today. I don't like not seeing him.

Zack went to Houma today and back by 4:00. I don't know how he does that. I would be worn out. He has to go to Beaumont in the morning.

Going to lunch for Susan's and my birthday tomorrow. Should be fun. 37 is absolutely no different that 36 that is for sure. But, I'm happy to celebrate just the same!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mary C :]

Hi. This is Mary Catherine, the cool daughter. This is actually rather awkward writing this considering the fact that Sarah Beth and Taylor are watching every word I write. Oh, and after the family preceded to make a joke out of my blogging skills, Taylor informed me that blogs are for free expression NOT for good impression. That made me laugh.

Anyways, my mother has decided to start to use the least amount of electricity possible. So, it's basically freezing in this household. The weather has been rediculously low for the past few days. Well, for Southwest Louisiana anyways. If you plan to sit on our couch and comfortably watch some pleasant television, think again, because you will deffinitely feel the need for a blanket and perhaps some heavy winter clothing.

Sarah Beth and I made some rolls. (I think I'll just stick with the frozen rolls in the future..) This procedure takes so long, I think it must have taken at least 4 hours.

Well, that's all :]

Friday, November 23, 2007

excellent thanksgiving

We had the best Thanksgiving holiday. We spent the week at Sam Houston Jones State Park. It was so fun. The Pogue's were our neighbors out there. Emma learned to start and stop on her bike. She was so proud and almost as proud as me. She looked so cute on that bike. I know she is almost 8, but treat her like a little bitty . Anyway, loved Sam Houston and hope we can go back another time.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Secret Blog

I'm slowly letting my family know that I have a blog. So, I told Sarah Beth yesterday. She said, "Why A to Z?" So, I thought I would explain. When Zack and I were dating we were at institute one night and he wrote in his scriptures,"A to Z". Not sure why I've always remembered that. Andrea to Zack and all things in between. So, it has a double meaning for us. We seem to cover a to z every day.

Emma had fever again this morning, but seems better now. Alex has realized that something he thought was mosquito bites is in fact poison ivy. It has spread to his arms. It was driving him crazy last night and this morning. So, after spreading lotion on, he put on tube socks and wore them to school this morning. He was so funny and such a cutie. I love that he has the confidence to do that. Great boy.

Lily was so excited today because she was having a "feast" at school. She wanted me to go, but I told her I couldn't because Emma was still sick. She then convinced her daddy that he had to go. She has him so wrapped. He brought her to school and went in to ask Mrs. Diane what time it would start. She informed him that is was students only. Big disappointment, but Lily talked him into going to the ballet production her class is going to next month. Unbelievable. When you need something done, give it to a 5 year old with big chocolate eyes.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Emma is a really sick . She went to the doctor yesterday. He thinks it is just a virus and will run its course. Meanwhile, we are on the second day of fever. She is really sweet when she is sick, though. Lots of luvin time. She and Lily have taken over the living room, playing games, painting, watching Brady Bunch (I love that they watch Brady Bunch), etc. Having a great time and loving missing 2 days of school already. She will have to miss tomorrow, too.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I made my first pumpkin pie tonight. Celebrating Alex's 29 on his ACT. He did great. We are so proud of him and excited for his future. I think the pie needed celebrating, too. Zack and I were reminiscing about our own ACT scores. Not as stellar as our son's.