Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lily came into my room last night and I vaguely remember her crying saying her tummy hurt. So I got her into my bed assuming that if I gave into that I could go right back to sleep. She tossed and turned, whimpered, got up to go to the bathroom, called for me ----Zack woke me up to let me know---- and finally, finally, threw up...........ALOT.

But, she did make it in the bowl Zack got up to get her!! Yeah, Lily!!

And she and I went right back to peaceful sleep!! Yeah, Sleep!!

But Zack didn't. Poor guy!

So, this morning she seemed better, but I thought it was best to keep her home. So, she watched Secretariat, while I scrubbed all my cabinet fronts and cleaned off the countertops --completely. We have alot of cabinets. I am sore tonight.

So right before she drifts off to a blissful nap, she asks what time it is. Only 10:38.

Are you kidding? "When will the big girls be home?" Not for 5 more hours! That's a long time!

So she naps, talks my ear off, reads, lays around while I mop and scrub with at wire brush most of my brick floors, clean the bathrooms, etc, etc. "Is this what you do ALL day?" As I scrubbed we talked about my day and what we used to do together when she was home alone. (I miss those days......we would go to Sam's and eat our lunch) But even then, she was ALL about the big girls coming home!

About 2:00 she asks, " Doesn't the day seem so long?"

I hated to tell her, but not for me! I was tired.

Needless to say, she is ready for school tomorrow. Sorry though, FEVER! Up to 102.5.

Another long boring day with Mama! I love sick kids. All warm and snuggly.......and talkative!