Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tour Lafitte....we can do hard things!!

A few months ago Bishop started talking to us about the Tour Lafitte Bike Race that was coming up. I really wanted to participate and so did Mary Catherine but it happened to be on the day of the Priest/Laurel Temple Trip. We had to make the right choice and got to be at the temple, but these cute girls got to participate.

Sarah Beth and her group rode for 28 miles!! Unbelievable!! I am so proud of Sarah Beth. Bishop rode with her and said she had a hard time at a few places, but she pushed through and was so incredibly proud of herself. They ended up forming a group by getting other riders to stay with them and formed a shield against the wind that was really making it hard for them. They really liked the people they hooked up with. How cute.
Emma and Katie.....and Lynetta (no pic) got to ride 10 miles. They were so proud and so cute. Who knew they could even do that!?! What a great feeling to accomplish something you think is so hard!!
Cute, cute biking babe!!