Friday, March 28, 2008

New York

So, finally, after years of being jealous of other travelers to this place, I have finally been. New York was so great. We landed at LaGuardia (sp?) and drove into Manhattan through Queen's on a bus. My first reaction was, "OH, this is Queen's, I've always wanted to be in Queen's!" I was like a kid in a candy store. I love everything about visiting. We did almost everything. Wonderful trip. More on that later. Just wanted to let everyone know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I go home at 3:00 am last night and have to leave soon to pick up the little s at my mom's. So, no time to catch up. Ta-Ta!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Get it right, Daddy

OK are you sick of the posts today, I just have one more........I think.

Zack was telling me about the instructions Emma gave him as she migrated into our bed last night.
1. She lifted up my arm and placed it under her head.
2. Put my leg here.
3. Put your leg here.
4. Cover me up like this.
5. This is how I want to snuggle.
6. I'm cold, put your leg on top of me.

Aren't you supposed to be more accomodating when you are stealing a spot in someone else's bed?!?!?! Not if your name is EMMA!


Update on the shopping............My CVS trip yielded for FREE........2 boxes of Special K with berries, 2 bottles Garnier shampoo, and a bag of Chex Mix, plus $4 to spend next week. That is absolutely amazing. Love that.

Something Green

I could have taken pictures of my cute Fiesta dishes in green. I could have taken pictures of my cute daughter Sarah Beth decked out head to toe in green for a school dance tonight. I could have taken pictures of the trees, plants, grass. But, for some reason, I took pictures of these apples!

They don't even look terribly tasty as far as apples go! I think I see some brown spots and a bruise. But, they are green, even if they are kind of pitiful puke green. Believe it or not, green IS my favorite color in all the world of colors. I don't this this picture shows that, but it's what I got!!!

Is there a nerd in the room???

OK, I know this is completely nerdy, and my family has laughed at me, but that is certainly not the first time THAT has happened, nor will it be the last. So, let me brag about my shopping skills that I have developed. I paid $76 and some change for all this food. It may not look like much, but it is a ton. How much you ask? Let me get my list.......yes, I made a list. Let me just say that my sister was on the phone with me while I took this picture and Lily was helping me get this all set up. She was rolling. I may have problems. I wanted Zack to take me to Wal-mart on our date to price compare. I want to know just how good of a deal I got. Like to see the cold, hard numbers. Needless to say, we did not go. He was willing to just about anything ELSE I wanted to do to get out of going :) It worked!!

OK, got my list:
10 packages of 6 corndogs
4 boxes Honey Bunches of Oats
6 Grand biscuits
2 small cans cinnamon rolls
4 large avacadoes
1 bunch bananas
3 packages of 4 cans of biscuits
5 cans Raviolis
10 cans Van Camp's Pork 'N Beans
3 cans Progresso Soup
2-2 liters Diet Cherry 7UP
Large container Light sour cream
2 4lbs sugar
3 boxes Rice-A-Roni
1 OJ
3 cans mandarin oranges
2 tomatoes
1 head lettuce
2 cans Oust surface to air
4 bottles Herbal Essence shampoo
2 bottles Aussi shampoo
2-4 pack Safeguard soap
2-4 pack Ivory soap
2-2 pack Dove
2 Old Spice deoderant
1 Secret deoderant
1 Gillette deoderant
1 mini Secret deoderant---for Lily so she can be like her BIG SISTERS!!!
$76--------I don't know. I think it is really cheap, but I really want to go to price compare so I can KNOW. Mary Catherine has Whitney over, I may bribe them to go in the middle of the night to make a Wal-mart run!! Doesn't that sound fun?

Catch Up Weekend

We have had a great week. It was testing this week which is ALWAYS the best. We love testing week. We usually plan some really fun activities for each day.
*Monday we were supposed to have dance and piano, so no real different activity was planned except FHE that we have every Monday. But, it rained. Normally that does not deter a Louisiana girl from venturing out, but this was not an ordinary rainstorm. It was pouring. The backyard was filling up and I did not want to get out in it and Emma insisted that dance was canceled because of testing!! I'm not sure about that, but that was really a great thing. I love when it happens that we don't have to go somewhere. I am happy to stay right here. So, we had FHE and ate dinner together.
*On Tuesday Sarah Beth and I decided that we needed to rearrange Emma and Lily's room. So, we got started. By bedtime it was pretty much done. We worked really hard and are very happy with the results. Their beds are in the cubby area. They said it was soooo cozy. Sarah Beth was dying to sleep in there. Not on a school night. Thank goodness for Sarah Beth and her help. She did alot. She can motivate those girls to do anything.

*Wednesday we got snowcones, which is also my festive post for last week's challenge here. (seriously love doing links!! simple pleasures for the simple minded) Opening day of snowcone is cause for festivity at our house. It symbolizes the beginning of summer and the beginning of our almost weekly ritual. Our cousins love coming from Dallas to get snowcones, too. They all usually get noe every day they are in town. Emma is sure enjoying hers. This is our special kind, a triple--------nectar, ice cream with cream.

Sarah Beth got her hair cut, too. Very cute. I love it and she does too. She loves the little flip. She had been begging for a cut for a couple of weeks.

*Last, but certainly not least, Zack and I went last night to the Houston Rodeo. It was soo fun. Toby Keith performed at the end of it. He was fun. For some reason I find myself liking all these beer drinking songs. Interesting!! My friend Wendy Jorgensen's brother rode bareback in the rodeo. He ended up coming in 5th even though he was in 2nd for most of the event. Bummer, but they quoted his mother the whole night because she told him to "get mean" during his ride. We loved the rodeo. We had never been to any rodeo before. It's alot of fun. We really got into it. But...........I must say, even with the cute cowboys in hats and jeans, Toby Keith, and knowing the sister of one of the rodeoers.........the most excited I was was when they had a guest clown who I thought looked suspiciously like Matt Lauer.........and it WAS!!! Matt Lauer was there being a CLOWN during the bull riding competition. So cool. I love him. Mary Catherine and I are soooo excited to see him in 1 1/2 weeks in New York. I will be seriously disappointed if he is not there. Also, we thought we were somebody important........the tickets we were given were in a private box. Seriously the only way to attend a sporting event. Your own bathroom!!!!!, hostess serving drinks and food!!! So cool.
*Today, some great CVS free purchases. That is a great fun thing to do. I love to get things for free.

Great testing week. I hope they did as well as they played all week. No homework is the best gift any parent.....oops, I mean student can get ;) I know you all agree.

Monday, March 10, 2008


How do I make my blog cute? I want to put family pictures on it and have it be cute. Don't have any idea how. Please help me!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I was at a Ward Conference in Williamson today. It was really wonderful. I was inspired today by President Packard's unabashed bragging. I know that sounds funny and wrong, but hear me out. He was and has many times before, bragged on his nieces and nephews, his son, his brother, and anyone else that he has contact with. I love that. He doesn't make things up, but he looks for the positive and IS positive about it. I have always been one to see the negative and point out problems in my husband and my children and myself, for that matter :) I don't want to be that way. I don't want to be a fault finder. It's not that I want to go around bragging, that is not what he does, but I can see that with his praise, one would feel that they could do and be more than they thought they could before. His praise inspires confidence and hope. I have wonderful children and husband. They know their faults more than I do, but for some reason, I feel the need to point these out constantly. WOW, that sounds awful, and it is not something I am proud of, but it is true. I have been able at times to help OTHERS see the positive in their character, but for some reason, when it comes to my own family, I can only focus on faults. I am going to make a real effort to only point out good, positive things this week. I will only brag in my blog and in person to my family. This will be very difficult, because I have planned to clean rooms of the worst times for fault finding. But, there is a silver lining to every cloud and I will find it! So, to start off the week, here we go..............
Alex---He is a funny, funny guy. He has this natural ability to intelligently find humor in many situations. He has a great laugh. A real belly laugh. I think he gets it from me. When he thinks something is funny you can tell it brings him great pleasure. Sometimes, I am trying to get everyone gathered together and he says just the right thing and I lose it. Alex is the person who watches a sitcom or cartoon and in the room by himself rolls on the couch laughing. Too, funny. Also, Alex is brilliant!
Taylor---Taylor is a stickler for details. He loves to have a project and think out the details of it. He and Zack are planning a camp on the river for sometime in the future. He has drawn out his ideas and had many discussions with Zack on how different things would work. He is so good at building things and working on them. He definitely gets that from Zack! Also, if you need someone to do something around the house, you need Taylor. He is so helpful. He will be a great husband and dad.
Mary Catherine---She is so fun to talk to. I love to go up to her room and lay on her bed and talk. We love to shop together and do things. She can be such a good friend. She had lots of her own friends, too. She is also beautiful and smart. She sets goals and sticks to them. She likes to eat healthy and can hardly be influenced to indulge. She inspires me to take care of myself. I can ask her to do something around the house and have confidence that it will be done the way I would want it done.
Sarah Beth---She loves children and they love her. She helps out in a 1st grade class at school and all the kids love her (not surprising). They sent her valentine's and their phone numbers with pictures. She loves to help out the Jorgensen's and me, actually. She is SO good with Emma and Lily and they really look up to her. She probably has had as much influence on them as I have had. She loves to set goals and accomplish them. She finished her Faith in God booklet in primary! She is very proud and is very anxious to start on Personal Progress. She helps me organize my days, because she likes to have things planned out. She is a great cook.
Emma---Emma is very imaginative. She can get carried away in her head. She loves her American dolls and is a very good mother to them. Emma is very kind to others. She has never been in trouble at school and is an excellent student. She loves to read and is a great hugger!
Lily---Lily is my constant companion. We are together all day. She loves to talk. She loves to ask questions. She is a great friend and loves to have them over. Lily can really bring our whole family together to laugh at one of her latest lines. She has been able to command the attention of all 7 of us. She is our cajun beauty.
Zack--- Zack is a very hard worker. He is very complimentary of me as a mother and a wife. He is very encouraging of even the little things that I do. I really appreciate him for this. He can also diffuse a tense time with humor. I love when he does this. He can help me see things with a different perspective. I love to hold his hand and I love that he has tried to do little things that I have told him are important to me. I also love that he unashamedly cries at movies and loves our children. NO tough guy image for him. He is crazy about our kids and is not afraid to tell them.
So, thanks for the indulgence. I have a great family and I am going to tell them that all week. Even in stressful situations. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ten Things

1. A gift you gave: Brett Anderson a racoon Webkinz for his birthday
2. The last person you thanked: I guess it was one of the men I asked to help with Primary today at church. They weren't thrilled so I lavished on the praise and thanks.
3. The last movie you watched: Kate and Leopold
4. The best meal you cooked this month: Chicken Pot Pie---everyone loved it. I think it is a keeper!
5. The last place you ate out: Would have to be La Madeline's. Oh how I miss that place and how glad I am that we do not have one locally. Dangerous, that would be!!
6. Something that made you laugh: Sarah Beth teasing Zack about his testimony in church when he said he didn't write missionaries, especially those on missions. Maybe not very nice, but gosh that was funny!
7. The last person you talked to on the phone: Mama
8. What I ate for lunch today: Nothing, I was fasting
9. My favorite song right now: I guess I would have to say NEW SOUL byYael Naim. Strange for me. I am definitely a country or oldies , but something about this song.....I just love it. I found it on this blog. (cool, the first time I did a link----very exciting)
10. What I’m wearing right now: sweat capris with my white t-shirt---we went walking at the track tonight.