Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is Bishop Gaar. He was my bishop while I was growing up. He did so much to help our family and he and his wife were like extra grandparents to me. I loved them so much. Sister Gaar died in August after a long battle with diabetes. Her funeral was August 18... the first day of school. I was so disappointed that I couldn't attend, but the girls needed me there for the first day. I realized I didn't have any pictures of these people who meant so much to me. So when we went to visit a few weeks later I made sure to get our picture together and then I snapped some pictures of the two of them on their walls. Turned out pretty good.
We sat and visited with him for about an hour. He talked and talked about World War II and things that have happened over the years in the ward. He has actually been Bishop 3 times in Winnfield. I have always know that he preached funerals all the time, but he told us that they figured that he had preached over 200!! Wow! He is a wonderful man.
(Is that not the cutest picture in the world?)

But the most impressive thing about Bishop Gaar is the excellent care he took of Sister Gaar. Like I said she had diabetes and had to have both legs amputated. She was also blind. And he took care of her all by himself. They were both in their 80's. He wore himself out in her service. Such sweet devotion is so inspiring to see. Even with the exhaustion he much have been feeling with all her care, he cried many tears expressing how much he misses her. What a wonderful example of love and service. I am so happy that I felt inspired to write them a letter that they received a couple of days before her death. Thankfully I listened to the prompting to act and the first thing Bishop Gaar said when my mother talked to him was that he had received my letter and that it meant so much to the both of them. I am so privileged to have know them. Sister Gaar was my primary teacher for most of my childhood. I love her and am happy she is not in pain anymore.