Sunday, December 16, 2007

What the heck?!?!

Lily and Mary Catherine were sitting down at church today, when Mary Catherine exclaimed, "What the heck?" Lily, shocked, said "Oh, Mary Catherine, don't use the Lord's name in Maine!" Louisiana, but not Maine!! Got to love that girl. Such good advice.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


So, yesterday we were on our way to the church Christmas Party, and I was telling Zack about Oprah that day. I was telling him about these people who had gastric bypass surgery and ended up becoming alcoholics. I was just about to tell him what that was called, when Mary Catherine pipes up from the back seat, and says, "It's called erectile dysfunction!" What!?!?! She didn't just say that did she? Of course, everyone older than her busted up. She then said, "that is so funny." To which I replied, "not nearly so funny as it will be when you find out what it means." No clue. Trully one of the funniest things we have heard. I'm so glad that even with that all over tv, my 13, almost 14, year old does not know what it means. It takes a little of the edge off. Gotta love her!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Go Mitt

Today, Mitt gave an address about his faith and how it would affect his presidency. He was perfect. He made what was a really difficult topic seem easy. I couldn't help but think that he sounded like he was bearing his testimony, complete with a little tearing up. It was great, though. He is just the man to lead this country. I worry sometimes that it seems like it would be so great for the church, but then I think, maybe not! But any exposure just opens the door for someone to find out more.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Taylor called it!!

Ok, so last Saturday, following LSU's disappointing second triple overtime loss to Arkansas, Taylor stood and declared that there was still a chance! Still a chance?!?! Taylor you are crazy, we all said. But, Taylor has called them all season. Taylor predicted which team had to lose and how that could happen. And, yesterday, everything fell into place. How amazing!! LSU IS going to the National Championship Game in New Orleans. Geaux Tigers!

We looked online for tickets and even though we were very tempted, we decided that over $2000 for six of us to see one game would indeed be ridiculous and irresponsible. Taylor said that he would take it as his only gift for Christmas. But, we can't do that! Instead, we will have a party here at our house for the game. So fun.

In other news...
Alex and Zack taught Lily's class today in Primary. She was so excited and proud. She kept answering their questions with strange stories about she and Emma. She, also, gave her first talk in Primary. We forgot, of course, until the middle of Sacrement Meeting. So, I quickly wrote a talk and she practiced it the rest of the meeting, to every member of the family. She rotated laps and had everyone help her until she really knew it pretty well. Of course, she froze when she got up there. Oh well, and we were soooo prepared,.....not.

Just realizing againg tonight how much I love my family. They are all great people.

I woke up this morning running a 100 degrees fever....finally. I felt feverish on Thursday, but would not let myself stop unless I actually had one, silly, I know. So, today, I was vindicated when I realized I really did have one. But, no stopping. I had to be a church. Took some Ibuprofen and went on. I feel better this evening. Thank goodness for meds!

Hi,Sarah Beth[:

This is Sarah Elizabeth Zachary. Well, Sarah Beth. Right now we are waching the Saints vs. Tampa Bay. We ,"The Saints", are winning but only by one. Although, It's only the 1st half so we can get ahead by even more.

It was Church Today. And in Primary we had the Priest take over classes that had the techers. So the ladies could go to a meeting. Although, my teacher is a boy so we had the same person, unfortually.

I can't wait till Christmas. It is the best season ever. I want under armour, LSU stuff, Saints stuff, and more.

Well, I don't have any thing else to say so i'll say toodles.haha[: