Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MC is a Senior!

Do I feel a tiny bit guilty that I didn't do this for the male Zachary's that have already graduated from Sulphur High School?

Maybe a little.....but isn't she cute?

I am taking a picture a day of Mary Catherine's senior year! Just random things. Nothing necessarily special. First Day! August 15.
Stealing my cell phone to do a little "facebooking". August 16.
MC and Sierra, "Si-Si", everyday at noon at our house. August 17
Applying chapstick...all.the.time.....August 18
VB Buddy,Tracy.....August 19
Itty-bitty pony.....known the town over! August 22.
FHE game....SB won....August 23.
cheating on the chocolate fast....August 24.
Sporting Daddy's XXL tees....like when she was little, only a little shorter! August 25..
Cafe Au Clay platter for VB Coach....August 26
VB Buddies....so cute....August 29
First Game of Senior Year!! August 30.

Think the boys will even notice.....or care? She does, though. Worth it all.