Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Month's Absence

OK, hopefully I have figured out my life enough to get back to this. I have been doing so many new things for me that it is hard to take care of the regular things.

1. First, I started substituting. That was a while ago and when I said I was ready to begin, I was called everyday. THAT was overwhelming to a mama who has been home exclusively for the last 15 years. Having to get up and dressed at the same time as everyone else. How do you do that? I have ALWAYS brought the kids to school in my PJs except for the occasional field trip day or work at school day. Rough beginning.

2. I have also been working out MWF mornings at 5:00AM. That is right...not a typo..AM. I know...can't believe it myself. I have also been the kind of mom who NEVER wakes up until the last minute or until a kid wakes me up. This is not like me..but..I love it. It gets me up and going. Good thing we started the week before I started subbing because I would have thought there was NO way I could do that and then go get ready to go to the school. But, newsflash, I can! It is a great workout and I can really see a difference in my body...not really lost weight..maybe 5-8 pounds....but my shape is different. Worth it!! Come join us!

3. After subbing for a little over a week, I was offered a "job" tutoring at the middle school at Maplewood. I tutor a class of 10 or so kids to prepare them for the LEAP test they have to take in April to pass to the 9th grade. YES....math. Crazy. I have to study to make sure I know what I am doing. I am there for 1st hour and 4th hour. I can leave in between and come home and still have 5 hours to get work (or blogging....or nap!) done before kids come home. All good. I make $22 an hour. That will help alot when we have a missionary. And...I really like it. I wouldn't want to do it all day, but I think I am a decent teacher. I hope so. I want to help these kids. It takes awhile to know how to keep them engaged. Still have lots to learn. It's great, though.

4. I have a new neice...My brother and SIL have been married for 15 1/2 years and just had their first baby girl. She is adorable. Her name is Julia Marie Braud.

Isn't she cute? Can't wait to see her and smell her!

5. I had my 20 year reunion. I gloried in the fact that when we moved to Sulphur I was the youngest mom I knew. I teased others and reminded them how young I was...probably more by my actions than by my teasing!! But...I have no such claim, now. I now know MANY younger than me and I am NOT young anymore. But, anyway...It was awesome to go back and see people I have not seen in 10-20 years. Some of my best friends from high school were there. It was SOO fun to see them and talk about old times. One girl reminded me of how we would come to my house between school and dance practice and eat a chicken breast cooked in the microwave with Italian dressing. She said her daughter eats this now as a snack. I totally forgot about that. Some have changed drastically and most for the better. Everyone looked great. Zack and I definitely have the most kiddo's. I love it. Hear are some pics...excuse the beer bottles.....
I was told constantly how much I look like Janis....True, true. That is a great compliment, I think. But, this girl was second for mother look alikes....

Daphne Roberts....dead ringer for her mother,former Homecoming Queen, and sweetest girl in the school!!

Kenny and Valissa McGuffee...Kenny went to West Point...farther than anyone else in our class and ended up being the only ones in our class to marry. How ironic is that. They are a really cute couple.

In the middle is Buddy Sirikul. He is the cutest guy...Buddy has slimmed down alot since high school. We found out that he teaches and runs often with my BIL who also works at Southeastern in Hammond. Crazy, huh? The other girl is Penny LeGrande. She was my BFF. I guess not the forever, though because we have not seen each other for over 15 years. That is sad. She is very much the same and looks great. Sooooo good to see her.

These two I haven't seen in 20 years...even though we were the only ones to go to LSU..oh, well, one other. Cheryl left after a couple of years and went to LSU nursing school in New Orleans. I have been anxious to see her for years. Johnny is a lawyer in Baton Rouge, now. So, cool. Fellow Tigers!! We went to school together from Kindergarten through LSU. That my friends, is a long time. I love that.

Well, that is an update on the high points of what has been going on in my life. I will post later about Lily's 6th Birthday and going to UTAH!!!! Sorry for the extra long update.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm am in Utah having a great time with Alex. We went out to eat tonight at this great Brazilian restuarant. It is all you can eat and they bring the meat to your table and cut you a piece. It was wonderful. We went with Alex's roommates and one set of parents. It is a little cold, but not too bad. It is Friday night and I think I am starting to cramp Alex's style just a little, so I'm about to head to Spanish Fork to stay with my mom's cousin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Omaha Steaks!!!!

Ok, I know that it is funny that I haven't posted in a over a month and this is what I am posting, but I just got $25 plus in free meat from Omaha Steaks and thought you might like to do it, too. Go the the link below to save!!! It is great!