Friday, February 29, 2008

I Spy A Pattern

I have been wanting to have a reason to get my camera out more. You know, to take pictures of other things than just perfectly adorable and beautiful children of which I have an over abundance. So, I happened upon a blog that issues a weekly challenge of things to take pictures of. PERFECT I must say.

This week's challenge is a pattern. At first I thought, hum, I don't have many patterns in my house......lots of block color. Then, I remembered.......TIES. I love those ties. They are often found on the floor or dash or between the seat and the console of the excursion. Mostly they are hanging on the railing of the stairs. Some actually make it to the closet!!! But, cute they are, and they sure remind me of the adorable, beautiful, priesthood honoring, rough-housing, messy room boys that wear them.

I was heading up the stairs to take pictures of the ties, when I spotted these scripture totes. Mary Catherine got one when she went into Young Women's, Sarah Beth got hers on her eleventh birthday, and Emma got hers with her scriptures when she got baptized. Let me just say, I love these things. They keep their goal books, primary hymn book, and their scriptures in them. I love the patterns and the cute initials/name in the front. Also, I love the ribbon that matches, but doesn't, tied onto the handle. It makes me very happy! Shallow? Maybe, but, sadly, true!

Check out the website and see if you are inspired too. Good luck!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Scrapbook Convention

So, we got back from scrapbook convention in Mandeville, LA Sunday morning at 2:00am. We had a great time. Lots of time to work on our stuff, fun things to buy and good sales. The most fun thought was visiting with each other. We laughed and laughed late into the night. We have been threatening to do something every year with all the names of groups that arrive at scrapbook convention. They are amazing. One of the best that we missed getting a picture were the Scrappin' Bratz. These lovely ladies had flower pots on their tables at each spot with a Bratz doll in each pot. They were then wrapped with feather boas. Wow, maybe the the best. You choose. In fact, I would like everyone to pick a favorite name. They are pretty funny.

The Scrapper Yappers. Their table was behind ours. I'm sure they did not yap as much as we did, and with me in the group, certainly not as loud.

Scrappersaurus was actually a store. They were there last year. Interesting name for a store. I don't really get how dinosaurs relate to scrapbooking. But, this guy was voted MOST creepy by our group!!!

Love the sign made with cajun things. Can you get into something this much?

This one really stands out to us. They are the Creative Juices. I am not lying. They each have chosen a fruit and not only do they decorate their area with their color, they also wear the color. -This year they added prune juice, again, I AM NOT LYING. Prune---who would what prune. We did notice she left early. We decided she had bathroom problems.

The scrappettes fancied themselves pretty fancy. The lady on the right actually had a crown on.

Snackin Scrappin Kin. Pretty innovative, but who in the world takes the time to do something like this.

Seriously, Scissor Sisters????

Fabulous Croppers and the Sweet & Sassy Scrappers. WOW!!!

Again, another store. Not sure why ladies getting together need to try and pretend they are princesses. Complete with crown and feather boas.

We were forced to have a name this year. I refused to have the word Scrapper or Cropper in our title, so Scappin Saints were out. (Although another of our favorite and somewhat seriously, was Crop Circles---pretty innovative.) No, we did not write our sign. They saved the table for us and had our name already on the table. We may like to go to convention, but we are not that weird.

There we are. What a great group. So fun.

On the way home this was the back of Lisa's van. Gwen was convinced we needed to bring my Excursion, but noone wanted too, because gas would have been MUCH more. SO we made it. Packed everything all in this mini van. Not too bad, if you ask me.

So glad to have a blog to have a place to put these pics. Now I am free from feeling the need to scrapbook them. You should come next year. Lisa and I have decided no use in entering the page contest, because we don't have enough friends to win, even though our pages were most definitely the best. In our not so humble opinion. We are scrapbook snobs.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine' Day

Wow, I can't believe it has already been 8 days since I last posted.

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Zack had some really sweet surprises for me. He is wonderful. That morning I was driving the s to school when Mary Catherine looks out of her window at the red light at Cities Service and says, "What the heck?!?" We all sook over and on the Zack's sign it says, "Andrea......Will you be my Valentine?...Zack" So funny. Mary Catherine just rolled her eyes. So, I was picking up my cell phone to call him when it rings. It was Zack wanting to know if we saw it. He had told Sarah Beth and Emma to be sure I looked, but they had not seen it first. They all loved it. Of course, they want their names on the sign.

So, then, I worked at the school all day doing concessions for Jump Rope for Heart. It was alot of fun. Tiring, but fun. Emma was in there and was so excited that I was there. Mary Catherine and Sarah Beth came from some of their classes to work. I left to go pick up Lily from school and then came back. We didn't leave until 3:30 or so. Long day. Then, we were having the missionairies so I ran to the grocery store and go a few things for supper. We had seafood gumbo and a chocolate fountain with strawberries, angel food cake, powdered donuts, and bananas. The missionaries loved it and so did the kids. Mamaw Clara came over, too. We had a good time. I love my family.

Zack also got me a Teddy Bear from Vermont Teddy Bears. What a sweet guy. He is so thoughtful. I am so grateful for our relationship. We really have come a long way. What a great man I have!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Goodbye, Mitt......for now

So, I heard on the radio yesterday that Mitt was dropping out of the race. So sad, but I understood and felt really proud of him. His speech was great. I realize how much his success in the race makes me feel successful in a weird way as a fellow Mormon. I guess that is how the black community feels about Obama. I can really understand that feeling. I also feel the criticism of Mitt in a really personal way. Strange, but true.

So, after I heard the news, I made a few phone calls to inform others, and went to lunch with Susan and Gwen to hear the news of Taylor at the MTC. More on that later. Much later in the day, Lily heard on the radio news that Mitt dropped out and we were able to have a VERY mature discussion about it. She said, "he didn't get enough votes, Mommy?" Wow, how does she know all of that? She has learned so much about how things work as we have all been obsessed about the election for the past several months. My immediate response was intense pride and what all I had taught her and how I am raising a great little conservative and informed . Good job, me! Then I thought, oooh, does she know so much about the gospel, the scriptures, the prophet, etc. I realized that my priorities become important to my children, and while I know they do understand the gospel, to them it may not seem like a priority in my life. In other words, I spend ALOT more time reading and discussing politics at times like this than I do studying and reading and listening to scriptures or words of the prophet. So, what really IS my priority. Good check on myself. I need to make a few changes. Thanks, Lily for helping me see that.

Like I said Taylor Pogue entered the MTC on Wednesday. Wow, how did that happen? It seems like yesterday he and Alex were playing legos and jumping on our trampoline all the time. I'm so proud of all of these kids. Ivy has been married in the temple and sets a great example for all of our kids, too. And now Taylor is on a mission and another good example is set. Alex will soon follow to BYU and next year on a mission What great kids they are. They inspire.

Now off to make a family budget!! Yuck!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Ok, I spent the day at the temple with the youth. I had a wonderful time and felt lots of love for my fellowman. I love to feel that spirit in the temple.......So..........why do I subject myself to these intense feelings of dislike I feel as I watch the election results come in. Not just for the other candidates and the ugly way they treat Mitt, but, also for the media and their coverage of the results. They are all dismisive of him and show intense dislike of him. I truly don't understand it. I have read many articles and blogs and even books about Mitt and not one place have I read any reason for their dislike (no personal bad habits, meanness, or disregard for people), except that he is a Mormon and that he has lots of money. Nobody in the media will say that it is the Mormon factor keeping Mitt down. They talked about it for the past year, saying that 60% of the American people will not vote for a Mormon for president. And, yet, when it comes time to explain why he is not winning, they don't even mention the Mormon factor. I am going absolutely crazy. Don't understand and getting really frustrated. Even so............I love this stuff:)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friends and Callings

We had some visitors this weekend. Our friends from Utah, who we knew in Baton Rouge, came to visit. They were going on a cruise out of Galveston and came a couple of days earlier to visit us! We went to Aucoin's in Bell City to eat. They have a live band, and great food. We peeled 10 pounds of crawfish and talked and talked. We ended up saying up till 3:00 in the morning talking about politics and social question (abortion, gay marriage, etc), and mormons! It was a great conversation. They do not agree with my views on almost everything, but we had an interesting conversation. It's funny how sometimes we just can't understand how someone else, especially in the church, could have such different ideas on things. Thanks for the stimulating conversation, Ann and Paul! Can't wait to see you again.

Meanwhile, this weekend was also stake conference. We couldn't go to the Saturday night session because we had company, but we heard it was fantastic. At today's session, Sarah Beth and Emma sang with the Achievement Days choir. They were really great. They sat on the stand the whole 2 hours with out having to go out. They sang like angels and really invited the spirit to the meeting. I was really impressed.

Also, at stake conference I was called to be the Stake Young Women's President. I was set apart after the meeting. I am a little overwhelmed by it, and a lot intimidated. I pray that I can do what is expected of me and help the stake realize its goals. I pray to learn to know and love the s of the stake. It is really exciting. I love the programs of the church and I know that following them will be a blessing to my life and the young women's lives. We saw a friend at the Pogue's tonight who told me that when they announced my calling, their was an audible gasp in the audience. I didn't hear a gasp! What does a gasp mean? Was it a good gasp or an "I can't believe that!" gasp? He said he was sitting around alot of our ward members and it was good he assured me. I guess?!?!?! I'll take that as a vote of confidence! I love the Lord. I am thankful for the direction I get from Him in my life.

Taylor Pogue leaves on Tuesday to go into the MTC on Wednesday. Wow! These kids inspire me to be better! Where has the time gone?