Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Boy!!

The best day of the year, so far!!!

Happy Birthday to Zack!! Today he is 45!! It is hard to plan a surprise for a 45 year old. I want to do something fun for him, but can't think what. I was going to take him to lunch, but he is out of town today. We will celebrate tonight.

I can't believe he is on the down side of 40. So much has happened in our 20+ years together. It has been good. Lots of growth and sacrifice and loving. I am proud of Zack. He is an amazing person. We sure do love him more and more all the time.

I need to get busy. Lots of plans to make and maybe a little shopping thrown in, too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Zack has been on my case about letting my blog go. He loves that I do it apparantly. So I thought I would make my reentry into the blogging world with a story about him!

Saturday night I was in my room getting ready for the Stake dance when I heard a roar of laughter come from the kitchen. This is the story I was told.

A commercial with a big dog came on and Zack commented that he was going to get that big sloppy dog for Mary Catherine (which he knew she would be disgusted by!!) So he said that it was a manly dog. Alex then replied that we have a dog....Pippin. He said that he was a manly dog. Zack responded, saying that Pippin had surgery....implying that the surgery had made him less manly;) Alex insisted that he was still a manly dog.

Over on the couch, innocently, Lily says, "Daddy, YOU had surgery!!!"

Editor's note: Zack had back surgery in December!!