Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just read an article about leggings on LDS Living website.  Are they appropriate?  Are they a viable option for too short skirts?  I wanted so badly to respond to these questions, but I couldn't figure it out, so you get to read my opinions!  Because we all know my opinion must be shared!

So, leggings.......I grew up in the 80's.  The era of the legging.  I don't have a particular problem with them in the shirt you wear is long and covers your whole bottom region, front and back.  I like them with skirts as long as the skirt is not too short.  I think they are perfect when the skirt is just a little too short to be comfortable.

That said, I have a really big problem with leggings when people wear them to church to make a short skirt modest.  In my mind people are really wearing pants when they do that.  They are not dressing appropriately because their skirt is not doing its job so you are depending on the leggings.....which are P-A-N-T-S!  We do not wear pants at church....nor do we wear pants in the temple, which I have seen before.  In my oh so humble opinion, if you are depending on leggings to make a short skirt appropriate then do that outside of places where you are supposed to wear skirts.

OK, I know you all wanted to know so badly.........I had to get it off my chest.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Freezer Jam

Our little Sarah Beth turned 15 in May.  She is such a fun girl who LOVES to laugh, take pictures and videos, and enjoy life.  

Saturday she started Driver's Ed.  She came home that day with so much new information about driving.  She was detailing out to us the dangers of driving.  She seemed fairly confident that she knew most of what there is to know!  

When she got finished on Sunday her friend Haley had her dad pick them up.  We were still at Mamaw Clara's house eating pizza with her and so they just dropped her off there.  We visited a little longer and when it was time to leave Sarah Beth begged her daddy to let her drive the short distance to our house.  After all, she was an expert golf cart driver and had 2 days of driver's ed.  She was practically an expert!

So, off we go.  Daddy is in the front seat with her and I am behind the passenger's seat with the rest of the girls scattered in the back seat.  

All was well.........until we pulled into the driveway.  As we pulled into the garage for some reason Sarah Beth was going back and forth between the brake and the gas.  

All of a sudden she stomped the GAS!  definitely not the break.  We jerked forward and crashed into the freezer which is directly in front of my parking spot.  

If it looks like the hinges are broken off the door..........that's because they are!!!  She bowed not just the entire door, but the freezer itself, too.  The freezer even crashed into the sheet rock and broke it in the shape of the freezer.

Oh, yes.............I screamed.  Emma and I both did.............loud.
There were tears, promises never to drive again, embarrassment, and refusal to get out of the car. At least she was sufficiently humble:/   
 (Emma went inside with Lily and told her not to ask SB about it and not to laugh....sweet).

After Zack's initial comment, "well that was a nice $1000 drive home........" we set to work assuring her that she would drive again and we did love her.  She might as well laugh because she was going to be teased for a long time!  Zack had her pose with the freezer and write a message right on the freezer.   
She was smiling in short order.  And planning a facebook post!  And what a story we had to tell Taylor in the next morning's letter. 

Here are the comments received on facebook........Zack's is a favorite!

And she did pull the car back into the garage......after an emergency trip to Gwen's to store all our frozen food.  
    • Mary-Catherine Zachary Goood job babycakes
      Sunday at 8:51pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Aubrey Arnold pffttt haha
      Sunday at 8:53pm · 
    • Laura Bennett Gardner ‎(snicker)
      Sunday at 9:02pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Kristi LeDoux Bult Gotta watch those random fridges.
      Sunday at 9:03pm ·  ·  3 people
    • Jenny Laughlin PAHAHAHAHAHA!
      Sunday at 9:06pm · 
    • Matthew Allen Well... you have an interesting story. You weren't driving an automatic, were you?
      Sunday at 9:10pm · 
    • Mary-Catherine Zachary Yes she was ^
      Sunday at 9:10pm ·  ·  1 person
    • David- Zack- Zachary It's not uncommon to hit a deer in a car but SB managed to take out deer sausage.
      Sunday at 9:27pm ·  ·  9 people
    • John Sanders Driving... it just gets in the way when your texting. Ha!
      Sunday at 9:30pm · 
    • Melinda Chapman Andrews Just what are they teaching in that driver's ed class?
      Sunday at 9:35pm · 
    • Sarah-Beth Zachary i wasn't texting...i mistake the gas and brake peddle...
      Sunday at 9:35pm · 
    • Melinda Chapman Andrews Don't feel too bad. At least it was not another car!
      Sunday at 9:40pm · 
    • Michael Nevils a little bondo and some spray paint always fixes it :)
      Sunday at 9:52pm · 
    • Katie Carter haha! this is too funny:) hey sarah beth, try using just ur right foot for both and get used to it so u wont mistake them. my great grandfather was an officer and said the mistake most people that have recks are is when they get in a wreck, they panick and end up using the wrong peddle. if you only use ur right foot, it wont happen..try that! maybe will help;) and btw this is way too funny!
      Sunday at 9:53pm ·  ·  1 person
    • David- Zack- Zachary No spray paint and bondo here.....what you can't see is the door is completely off the hinges, and the right side is cratered. Additionally, the whole freezer was impaled into the sheetrock leaving a perfect outline of the freezer.
      Sunday at 10:19pm · 
    • Susan Duplantis Afraid to ask...WHAT were you driving?
      Sunday at 10:20pm · 
    • Michael Nevils lol.. gota love Sarah Beth!!!
      Sunday at 10:21pm · 
    • Wendy Pass Turner I hate it when solid objects jump in front of me and make me hit them!
      Sunday at 10:22pm ·  ·  3 people
    • Lindsey Hudson Vichitnand Oh no! My sister did this recently too. She hit some shelving and ended up pushing the back wall of the garage almost off the slab, you could see the grass in the back yard through the crack! Hope that is the only thing that got hurt and not any people or cars! Just take comfort in that you aren't the first person that has mixed up peddles! Good luck with the rest of your driving experiences! :)
      Sunday at 11:47pm · 
    • Gwen Dees Pogue I love that the post before this was about driver's ed! This will be a funny story forever and I'm sure your dad will make it better and better as the years go on.
      Yesterday at 12:17am ·  ·  3 people
    • Claire Methvin Darn!! I wish I was in the car with you when it happened!!!! Its on my bucket list to be in a car crash!! haha!!
      Yesterday at 10:39am · 
    • Claire Methvin Oh by the way.. Love your shirt!!!! haha!
      Yesterday at 10:39am · 
    • Andrea Braud Zachary Susan. She does NOT drive the Shelby!
      Yesterday at 11:24am · 
    • Susan Duplantis That's a relief
      Yesterday at 11:33am · 
    • Wendy Pass Turner Andrea, you should let her drive the Shelby!!! Better yet, you should let ME drive the Shelby!
      Yesterday at 1:41pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Karen K Daniels Isn't the pool just beyond the wall of the refrigerator???It could have been a lot worse. You are a real sport SB. You know you are going to hear about this for a while. Good to see you smiling. I think you should practice your pedals in the Shelby.
      21 hours ago · 
    • Andrea Braud Zachary You are more likely to drive the Shelby than SB! Come by....Zack will let you! Haha
      21 hours ago ·